I stay mum

People ask me,
What do you want to become?
I pretend to be sipping tea,
And mostly stay mum.

They judge me,
Find me clueless,
Sometimes give me a lecture too.
I accept it,
Pretending to be aimless,
Listening to what they think I should do.

Well, for them; may be they are right,
There is nothing extraordinary at my sight;

No grandeur to hold,
No success story to be told..
No paper in store,
No grand piano to chore..

No Porsche to drive,
No jewel in any of the five..
No keys to a mansion,
No business at expansion…

People asked me,
What do you want to become?
I said, my wishes are petite,
The one thing I want to do; is write..

I have a small little desk with a lamp bright,
A wooden vintage chair of a perfect height.
A perfumed diary and a gifted glass pen,
Keeping my soul ignited in my little den.

I sometimes happily stay awake at night,
To write and change the view I see..
Other days I wake up smilingly with the sunlight,
Busking my poetries in glee..

Sigh, they started laughing at me,
Is that what you really want to be?
And how about make a living?
Well, keep dreaming………

People ask me,
What do you want to become?
I pretend to be sipping tea,
And prefer to stay mum.

– Priya Agarwal



cropped-12186421_10208026800847603_6461330142557551846_o.jpgWhen the hands of the clock doesn’t seem to move,
and seconds are passing like hours,
I turn left and right on my bed,
wide awake at 2, staring at the stars.
I avoid over thinking,
I count 1 to 100 on my fingers.
But the thoughts keep troubling,
and some uneasiness still lingers.

Stuck in making decisions,
choosing between right and easy,
facing life, like seasons,
I am starting to feel dizzy.

Enveloping my head with my palm,
I feel sick of sleeplessness.
Mind’s effort to keep calm,
is causing more restlessness.

Taking a deep breath in,
I surrender,
please lord, forgive all my sin,
and make me stronger.

I know I am not the only straggler,
millions are wide awake at this time.
Some without food and shelter,
and some with regrets and unrepentant crime.

Suddenly a ray of light peeps in,
a smile relaxes my stressed face.
Nature is my very kin,
unfailingly taking care of me in this daily race.

Each night may be a struggle,
but each day brings new hope.
I surrender to the nature,
because I am taken care of.

22 JUNE, 3:23AM

Nature – The Healer

Oh nature, my healer.
Oh! You my last resort..
you have always justified my motive,
and only you are my true support.

Whenever I doubt my actions,
Of not being at par with the world..
Whenever my reactions,
Are misunderstood and curled…
I lock myself for a while,
I weep a little like a child.
Then I think of you, nyle,
My nature, how do you flow so wild..

Aren’t you tired of all the mistreatments?
What do you get being so unconditional?.
Aren’t you aware of the “selfishness”?
Why can’t you also be rational?

“Oh dear! Don’t be disheartened”,
said the shimmers and the ripples in the lake,
“Oh dear ! Don’t be so burdened,
we are here for a difference to make…”

Does the sun stops rising,
because it’s rays hurt thy eyes?
does the flower stops blooming,
Because with it, there is no fruit that lies..?

Emerge victorious for yourself,
By doing the righteous..
If seeked help,
Be courtious…

There is a bigger motive to life,
Don’t be afraid to chase that..
There will always be a hindrance and tie,
It’s fine to break that.

And yes,
Don’t forget,
like the last night;
this too shall pass….



By Priya Agarwal
2:18 AM


That little bird

With the sunlight on my window pane,
was a little bird, seeking shelter from the rain.

I drew myself a little closer,
with my attention stuck on her broken wing;
she seemed to be an unprecedented explorer,
who must have bravely escaped the cage of the king.

I wondered what will she do now,
I wondered if she needs me.
A million thoughts crossed to know how,
and what could her unsaid story be?

What could have caused her this misery,
what was so worth this risk?
will she ever healĀ from this injury?

Or will just succumb to the destiny finding a fix..

Days passed by into weeks,
She was getting better everyday,
That’s exactly what I believe life seeks,
to heal from the night each day.

hardship is the way of life,
Uncertainties, a mandate.
actions help us progress,
And one day,
She flew away……


By Priya Agarwal
4:30 AM




In that state of plight,
When the clock has passed midnight,
But the mind wants to write,
Oh holy, so sleep deprived.

Fine, write it off and ,
settle the fight.
Fine, write it off and,
Make it right.

Why – unanswered?
Why – ignored?
Why – so hurtful?
Why – not like before?

Seek answers,
Earn response,
Smile often,
Write, keep on!

Priya Agarwal
May 2018

[When you have a battle between poetry and sleep, poetry always wins.]


I often get too used to;
The way everyday enfolds..
I often get too attached,
To the daily stories told..

I often get too dependent,
As if things were permanent..
I often get too saddened,
As if the world was to end..

I often expect too much,
And hurt my self-esteem..
I often love as such;
Fulfilling a dream..

I often give unconditionally,
Forgetting if I was given too..
I often keep up to everybody,
Compromising my respect due…

So what,
If I get disappointed too often.




Priya Agarwal
May 2018

Search of you


It’s been quite late now,
To have realised things I do,
Passing by the spot we met last,
I still think of you.
A tear I was hiding from my mates,
I didn’t want them to know,
How rude I was to you, that day…..
You came all the way, for a sorry,
And all I could do was, stay mad at you,
It was just a dinner you asked for,
But I turned my back and left you.
I am so sorry, I did that to you.

You were there always,
And I was afraid to lose you,
I just wished I had said that to you,
Before it was too late.
I am so sorry I did that to you.

You left me no notice,
I waited and waited for you,
You weren’t heard of for long now,
I waited more, but didn’t search for you.
I am so sorry I did that to you.

Now that you are gone,
I am searching for you-

The running I do,
The food I eat,
The books I read,
The anger I beat..
All are nothing but,
Just a search of you,
Until I find you….and
I am so sorry that I am doing this to you.

Priya Agarwal